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Hey, its been a while. I made a new acount called GOMI, my old was was ColeDX, so if you know me from that account, that's me ^-^
I wanted to start fresh, I'd gotten sickly bored of drawing, no inspiration to draw :/
So I made a new account, something new. It always feels good to Start over from the beginning ^-^

But enough about that, today is the day Pokemon Nano will officially begin. I'll upload pages from time to time, so Face+ if you want to see more :)

And no, this Art Style will be only for a while, I began to switch from using Essentials Art 4 to Pizia, becuase I just need the Line Smoother Lolz :)

Hpefully, this will be the last time I redo this Comic~

So this marks the first day of when Pokemon nano began ~9-14-12

- Posted by GOMI on September 14th, 2012, 7:56 pm    -   0 comments

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